Discover Xiengkhouang

Immerse yourself in mystery as you wander through hundreds of giant stone megaliths known as The Plain of Jars. Marvel at a giant 16th century Buddha amid the remains of ancient temples and stupas of the Phuan Kingdom. Scale over 1,000 steps up the PhuKheng Jar Quarry Site to uncover a hidden mountain passageway drilled through its rocky summit used as a bunker during the Indochina War (American-Vietnam War).

Meet the Tai Phuan villagers who mold aluminum spoons and bracelets from war scraps, in the foothills of the mountains. Shop for traditional handicrafts from Khmu ethnic minorities. Or stay overnight and discover hidden jars in remote Hmong village of Ban Phakeo.

Set at an altitude of more than 1,000 metres above sea level, the province enjoys mild temperatures for most of the year, serving as a great escape from the heat of the south. Surrounded by mountain ranges, you can find the highest peaks of Laos in XiengKhouang.

Rich in culture, encased in natural beauty, and shrouded in mystery… welcome to XiengKhoaung Province.


About XHK

XiengKhouang and the enigmatic Plain of Jars make up one of the most important sites for studying the late prehistory of mainland Southeast Asia.


Fascinating Historical

Scale more than 1.000 steps to reach a secret passageway slicing through the summit of the PhouKheng Jar Quarry Site that played a strategic role for Pathet Lao.


Cultural Diversity

Culture vultures can taste the Tai Dam lifestyle at Ban Xieng Kio- government-designated cultural villages locate about 48 km north of Phonsavanh near Kham town on Lao route 7.


Uniquely XHK

Xieng Khouang is best known for the Plain of Jars, hundreds of giant stone megaliths from.