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:: Cultural Handicrafts ::



Cultural Sites

Tai Dam Cultural Hall

Culture vultures can taste the Tai Dam lifestyle at Ban Xieng Kio- government-designated cultural villages locate about 48 km north of Phonsavanh near Kham town on Lao route 7. The two-storey Tai Dam Culture Hall greets visitors to the village, and the traditional Tai Dam bedroom leads off the tour: a row of thin mattresses with patterned cotton sheets, square pillows, and decorated blankets on rattan mats with back mosquito nets knotted overhead.

The Hall also exhibits wooden farming tools, gadgets used for transforming raw silk and cotton in to loom-ready dyed threads, and a collection odf basketry employed for variety of reason from cooking sticky rice to trapping fish. You can also purchase the wares-finely decorated sine (traditional skirts), wall hangings, table clothes, and back head scarves, alongside baskets and shoulder bags-before wandering around the village to watch women weave.



Paper Umbrellas from Ban Mixay

Paper Umberllas "Khan Nyu" From Ban Mixay Village. An old tradition is being revived in the phuan village of Ban Mixay. Monks or novices in Buddhist

temples originally made the umbrellas. Men who were ordained into the monkhood often entered temples in villages others than those they has grown up.

The umbrellas served as gift to those who come to visit. Sale of umbrellas can increase income and therefore reduce the need to carry out unsustainable

farming practices or cutting down trees-practices that are destructive to the environment. Many materials used come from the forest conservation.

War Scrap Spoons from Ban Napia

Setting your sights to see spoon production may sound eccentric, but Ban Napia, an ethnic Phuan village just south of Phonsavanh, mounds this tableware from war scrap. One day in the 1980s, eight families brainstormed over what to do with all the aluminum bits from downed aircraft. One person noted a lack spoons in the market and noodle shops, so they made wooden mounds, coated them in ash, and poured in the melted junk. And according to the ladle lady, they have an unending supply of debris. You can bookend your spoon tour with stops at nearby Lang Waterfall and Jar Site 3.


Wood carving

NAVANG CRAFT CENTER is a family business where wooden craft are made from scented Long Leng wood (Fujian cypress), a rare wood in

Xiengkhouang. Visit the shop to watch the local carpenters at work carving sculptures and souvenir items. It is open daily from 7.30 am to 8.00 pm.

Adress: Phonemixai Village, Peak District, Xiengkhouang Province.

One more place at the Plain of jars site 1.

Mobile:+856-20 5564 6877.


Lao Sericulture Co, a fair trade company, is dedicated to enabling Lao village silk producer in the Northern provinces to revive the art of high quality local

silk production. Villager are trained in sericulture, the process of rising silkworms, processing and improved weaving techniques and nutural dying. Leave,

bark, vines, berries and seeda create color choices to match virtually any taste. To learn about the whole process you are welcome to visit the farm. A sdlf-

quided tour will lead you through the center. Purchase some of their intricate high quality textiles which will benefit the local communities enabling them to

rise out of poverty. 

Adress: Lee Village, Peak District, Xiengkhouang Province. 7 th Road

Tel: +856-61 213362

Mobile: +856-20 55995499

Open Monday to Saturday from 8.00-16.00 or