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History of the Plain of Jars:

XiengKhouang and the enigmatic Plain of Jars make up one of the most important sites for studying the late prehistory of mainland Southeast Asia. While the ancient civilization that constructed the jars was flourishing, advances in agricultural production, the manufacturing of metals, and the organization of long-distance overland trade between India and China were also rapidly transforming local society and setting the stage for urbanization across the region...

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Events and Festivals:

Almost every month of the year there is either a local festival or celebration in Laos. The word for festival in Lao is boun, which also means doing good things in order to gain merit for subsequent lives. If you are in XiengKhouang while any of the festivals are taking place you will surely be welcomed and asked to join the fun.

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Community-Based Tourism:

XiengKhouang is one of Laos’ tourism destinations utilizing community-based tourism initiatives for sustainable economic development throughout the region.

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Phonesavanh Village, Peak district, XiengKhouang Province.
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