Community-Based Tourism:

XiengKhouang is one of Laos’ tourism destinations utilizing community-based tourism initiatives for sustainable economic development throughout the region.

Aims of Community-Based Tourism:

  • Provide an additional source of income and employment
  • To local communities in order to help reduce the unsustainable harvest of natural resources
  • Give visitors the opportunity to visit our excellent natural protected areas and cultural heritage sites
  • Operate on a scale that can be sustainably managed by local
  • villagers
  • Generate public sector revenue through permit and entrance fees that is used for protected areamanagement, conservation and development activities
  • Provide local communities with an economic stake in protected area management and cultural heritage

Framework of the CBT model:

  • Some important elements of the CBT framework are:
  • To involve villagers in the tourism-related planning and decision making process
  • To create and enforce rules for visitors and hosts that protect culture and the environment to train various village-based service groups, tourism managers and private sector tour operators how to sustainably operate community-based tourism
  • To monitor the benefits and impacts of community basedtourism

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Phonesavanh Village, Peak district, XiengKhouang Province.
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